There are a few things that I value in all of my interactions and encounters.


1) Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. In all of our interactions I will treat you in this manner, I expect the same from you. I will only answer inquiries that are detailed and respectful. I reserve the right to end any encounter where I feel my values or safety has been jeopardized.


This also includes being respectful of each others time. Please only send serious inquires. Please be on time for our meeting and keep me informed when you may be late or need to adjust or cancel our meeting. I will always be flexible if my schedule allows for it. However, I do require anyone who makes a last minute cancellation to pay a cancellation fee. If repeated lateness or last minute cancellations occur I may ask for a deposit upon booking our next rendezvous.


2) Discretion, privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance to me. I hold this value very dear and will only ask for relevant information needed to schedule our meetings. Outcall requests may require you to provide more information than that for incalls or social dates. If you decide to provide a review of our time together I ask that the review be written in a tasteful and tactful manner which respects me and my privacy.


3) Everyone has the right to create, maintain and change their own boundaries at any time. All services I provide are YMMV. Your best chance of having all of your desires met is to make your desires known up front and make requests at least a day before our meeting. Please show up sober, well groomed, with fresh breath and smelling good. If you desire I will happily share wine or spirits with you during our time together but will not consent to providing services to someone who is under the influence when they arrive or becomes intoxicated during our visit.


Tokens of appreciation


Tips and gift are not expected but are greatly appreciated. I honor and value the thoughtfulness and generosity that goes into choosing a gift for someone or leaving a tip as a token of appreciation. If you’re looking for ideas of ways to show your appreciation there are some ideas of things and places I enjoy listed below.


I enjoy practical and luxury gifts as well as things that help enhance our time together.


Some of my favorite things:


Bubbly, Gin, Bourbon, Wine (red or white, especially when paired with food)

Sexy lingerie, I wear 36C bra and medium sized panties

Adult toys

Shoes, Size 6.5

Books, I love reading and learning new things. My favorite novels are fantasy and historical fiction. I also love reading inspiring books and books about entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, branding, art, culture etc.

Gift cards to some of the favorite places.


My Wishlists:

Places and Activities I Enjoy

Places that nurture my creative side:


Theater, performance art

Art Gallery of Ontario

Royal Ontario Museum

Michael’s Crafts


Things that nurture my adventurous side:


Rock climbing

Escape rooms

Sky diving